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Vets with TBI  continued 

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Success Cannot Be Confined 

Eric Patrick Thomas Builds a Legacy

by Lisa Metropoulos.

Eric Patrick Thomas is a force to be reckoned with. The Flint, Michigan native has spent the last 20 years building a legacy that future entrepreneurs can look to for direction.    continued 

Dr. Bennet Omalu of “Concussion” Fame

The Eminent Neurotrauma ExpertWho Became a Sports Legend

By Rick Marschall
Dr. Bennet Omalu has a resume 10 yards long. He holds eight advanced degrees and board certifications, having received fellowships in pathology and neuropathology from the University of Pittsburgh;. 


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Innovations in 3D Printing
Michigan Company Calls Upon Stratasys
For New Dimensions of Care

by Rebecca Metcalf
Can you imagine the excitement that Benjamin Franklin felt when he discovered electricity? Many professionals feel the same way about the 3D (three-dimensional) printer. .. 

“We Are a Resource for the Community”
Getting to Know Chad Grant, McLaren Flint’s New President and CEO

“I’m not a doctor. I just play one on TV commercials.” We have all heard this, or a variation. The point of the joke, of course, is that very few people can multitask in demanding professions; and fewer among us can manage on-the-job training as doctors, or airline pilots or nuclear physicists.

Or—think about it—as top-flight hospital administrators.

As a patient, if you are undergoing clinical treatments, are being seen in the ER, or need services in the areas of vascular surgery, advanced cardiology and cardiac surgery, interventional neurology procedures to treat stroke and aneurysms, cancer services, joint replacement surgery, physical therapy, robotic surgical procedures, or women’s services… Well, you get it. For those concerns, you want first-rate doctors and clinical staff. Like at McLaren Flint.  continued


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Music Therapy – A Unique Approach


Radiation Exposure Practices for Children

​Medical Imaging Has Many Faces…And Comes in Many Sizes

by Rebecca Metcalf​
The risk of radiation exposure from electronic devices for children is much greater than that for adults. Logical? Sure. But more consequential than we might think at first. 

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