Finding Compassion in the All American City

“The Compassionate Cities movement is highly necessary; very important in today's world. I think, globally, we really need a more compassionate attitude."   
Dalai Lama, Louisville, KY 2013

Mayor William R. Wild of Westland, Michigan, wants everyone who lives, works,
visits or worships in it to know it is a compassionate city. His inspiration on
creating a compassionate city comes from having met the world-renowned spiritual
leader the Dalai Lama, who started the Compassionate Cities movement on two
special occasions over the last decade since Wild has been Mayor. “We all have a responsibility to pay it forward" said Mayor Wild. “I want the City of Westland to be an example of that message and show compassion in all that we do."

The most recent visit was when the Dalai Lama addressed an audience of select U.S. mayors in Indianapolis about how mayors have the ability and responsibility to instill compassion in their cities. His 2016 speech came in the wake of violent outbreaks focused on police officers around the country.  continued