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​Ms. Berry is a native Floridian, born and  raised in Matlacha, a small fishing village off the coast of Fort Myers. From a very young age she has been interested in nutrition and wellness. She owns and operates the RB Institute in Ft. Meyers, which specializes in detoxification and the “release of chemical and emotional patterns”. She is extremely well educated in her field of study. She is licensed by the State of Florida for Massage Therapy and ​for Colonic Irrigation Therapy. She has  been certified in Reflexology since 1991 as well as Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. 

Her institute is a cornucopia of natural health and wellness support programs,
designed to assist the customer in their quest for better well-being. She has an
international clientele, and she speaks of them with obvious affection. “I have many patients with difficult conditions. “

Ms. Berry specializes in detoxification methods that are widely considered
to be the most positive approach available. She uses a Far Infrared Sauna
(FIS) because of its effectiveness and versatility. Traditional saunas use heat
and humidity to warm the air, which, in turn, warms your body. FIS uses light to
create heat and only warms 20% of the air, leaving 80% available to the body.

This warms the body much more efficiently at significantly lower temperatures,
making FIS more accessible to people who cannot tolerate the excessive heat
and humidity seen in traditional saunas. By breathing cooler air, many users of FIS report a feeling of warmth and well-being as an after effect. The appeal of saunas, 

in general, is that they cause physical reactions, such as intense sweating and
increased heart rate, similar to those experienced during vigorous exercise.
FIS may induce 2 to 3 times the volume of sweat produced in a traditional sauna while operating at significantly cooler temperatures. Ms. Berry points out the benefits. “Many of my people are too ill for the type of heat generated. Yet they benefit enormously from the therapy. This is great for them”.
The RB Institute offers another outstanding procedure for reclaiming
your health: Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.

Lymphatic drainage is a natural function of the lymphatic system, but when
the system is not working properly, there can be a buildup of fluid in the
tissues; keeping the lymph nodes from processing toxins in the manner they
were designed. This increases toxicity in the individual and can lead to more
serious issues like lymphagitis and lymphoma. This therapy includes a type of massage which helps the lymph nodes release fluids and function more normally.

Essential oils therapy is an effective way to boost the immune system functions.
Essential oils are not the same as fragrance oils; actually, they are not an “oil” at all. They are highly concentrated plant constituents possessing potent medicinal
and cosmetic qualities. In Ms. Berry’s program, called Raindrop Therapy, nine essential oils are placed along the individual’s spine, at specific intervals, to bring the body back into balance and align the energy centers. This allows for the release of stagnant energy and increases the positive functions of the physical, emotional and metabolic systems. The oils and their effects last for approximately five to seven days.

Robyn works a lot with wound care. Patients with diabetes, auto-immune diseases such as lupus and those recovering from all types of surgery
find tremendous pain relief and healing from using the Ozone/oxygen Steam
Cabinet. The Steam Cabinet is a powerful tool to stimulate the immune system.
It is a traditional looking cabinet that supplies moist heat and Oxygen/Ozone
infused steam. By elevating the body temperature, there is an increase in
oxygen and ozone to the tissues and cells. This encourages cellular regeneration, improves circulation and speeds healing. It is used in hospitals and rehabilitation centers, to assist with healing post-surgically and for cancer
treatments. “The effects of the ozone is almost overwhelming”
reports Ms. Berry, in her deep, resonant voice. “We have seen surgical recovery and healing in our patients in 1/3 of the time their physicians had anticipated.
It is quite remarkable.” 

The RB Institute offers other methods of approach to health and well-being. They have specific types of massage therapy, including therapeutic,
sports and Swedish. Reflexology is an alternative approach to medicine,
involving application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques. Ms. Berry offers sessions for feet only or for hands and feet. There are also 30 minute sessions for paraffin wraps for hands and feet and numerous types of bodywork, including the Lymphatic
Drainage Therapy, a Cranial/Sacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulations. The majority of work is done at the Institute, in a clean, fresh and relaxing environment. 

The RB Institute has a terrific website. It provides in-depth detail on various
procedures, time and prices as well as additional information under the heading
“Helpful Tips” where Robyn provides shopping information for natural foods
and services in the Fort Myers area. 

The RB Institute is open Monday through Friday,

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

They are located at:

13601 McGregor Boulevard, #13,

Fort Myers; contact them at (239) 939-4646.