Purchasing a Freedom Ring enables Innovative Health Magazine to donate to the veterans organization of choice. 

Purchase a Freedom Ring Help a Veteran 

 Our warriors have sacrificed their bodies, families, sanity – and in some cases their lives – so that we may live free and prosperous lives. Many of our veterans sustain broken lives, and are in need of help. We owe them the honor, respect, and recognition they so deserve. 

In order to do this, and give back to the community, we created the Freedom Ring.  This powerful “circle of giving” represents the honor and appreciation to those who have sacrificed so much for our country. 

Please join us in our efforts.

Karen Smith 

Director of the Freedom Ring Project


Purchase one for your veteran
Most of us have a veteran in our family or in our circle of friends.  Purchasing a Freedom Ring would be a great way to honor your veteran for their service.  
Purchase one for an anonymous veteran.
You can purchase a ring for a deserving veteran we will designate, and as a bonus we will present half of the net profit of that purchase in your name to the veterans’ agency or service organization of your choice.   

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