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Robyn Berry founded the RB Institute in Fort Myers, with a mission dedicated to helping all patients achieve optimum wellness in mind, body and spirit. The Institute has a variety of services that administer to developing a healthier whole-self. Through the Institute, she practices homeopathic medicine, uses only certified organic foods, and works with massage, colonics, meditation and
areas of body work designed to eliminate internal toxicity. 

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"Hope Hospice"  The Answer
People living with serious illness often suffer with pain, uncomfortable symptoms and ongoing stress – as well as the mistaken view that all of this a natural, normal part of their disease. As a result, it’s not surprising that they don’t reach out for help. This will all change with the addition of a new program provided by Hope HealthCare Services. 

Hard Facts About No Fault

"Fraud the War Cry for Those Who Want 

by Steve Siporin

My first  article for Innovative Health Magazine was a comprehensive review of the Michigan No Fault Insurance program and its value to all Michigan residents. It is without exception the most comprehensive consumer program in the nation. As my article discussed, Michigan No Fault is the only program that is solely funded by automobile drivers and does not draw from any public subsidy such as Medicare or Medicaid.    In other words, it is self sustaining and does not use public funds.
The program has been under constant attack for some years by the insurance lobby. Why has there been such a push for change when the actual cost of the catastrophic
medical care coverage under auto insurance is significantly less than a quarter of the total premium? And the long-term liability for care is borne by the catastrophic fund that all Michigan drivers have contributed to since the mid 1970s, which also invites scrutiny of  critics’ attacks.


Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott
may be one of the mostpublic public figures in our community but it didn’t start out that way. “When I was first elected and well into my
second term I actually resisted being in our popular public service announcements and related opportunities, but the more I spoke to colleagues across the state and nation I realized the power of the

Children's Advocacy Center of Southwest Florida  

The Other Side 

Jill Turner, Val Gill, and Sally Beckett all want to lose their jobs, so badly they openly say it out loud for all to hear. They tell you this, however, with the sadness and absolute certainty of three people who know​ they have lifetime security. continued 

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Innovative Health Magazine believes in giving back to our community. We have chosen to do this by honoring our veterans. This is one of the exciting things IHM is doing our brave men and women. 

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A Neurotrauma Tale DR. JR. HARDING 

Uncommon Courage Times Two 

Football can be a violent game, with recent medical  analysis showing increasing incidences of concussions and spinal cord injuries.

It was high school football that got JR Harding, then 6’5” and 230 pounds and already with a college football scholarship. It was a Saturday evening five days before his 17th birthday,  continued