ADVENT Adds Personal Touch
Quality In-Home Care through Education and Empowerment
by Nicole Weddington

People who suffer from chronic illnesses or catastrophic injuries that limit or omit their ability to breathe on their own know all too well the discomfort that comes with living in a hospital. Even the most top-notch medical facilities can’t compare to the comfort one feels when finally coming home.

These patients have to find a way to deal with their ailments in a way that preserves their quality of life. That is why it is so important to find a reliable company to help with the transition back into their homes.  

At ADVENT Home Medical, a staff of licensed registered respiratory therapists will provide training, instruction and follow-up care in the patient’s home. Each therapist has years of experience in hospital critical care units and continues to offer that same high level of care to the home-bound infant, pediatric and adult patient.

ADVENT provides patient support that follows each patient home with top-quality medical equipment While patient is at the facility ADVENT instructs the family and/or caregivers on the proper usage of equipment, doing everything possible to assure a smooth transition from the hospital to home.

“The biggest difference [between ADVENT and other in-home care companies] is that we are more clinically focused; we approach it from a more clinical perspective,” said Roger Essenmacher, respiratory therapist and general manager of ADVENT.

The Advent team of registered respiratory therapists brings years of experience in both adult and pediatric care. A registered respiratory therapist does a patient assessment and a home evaluation to assure that the patient meets the criteria for going home. The next step is teaching the family members and/or care-givers the proper way to use the equipment, once the care team agrees the patient is ready and a discharge date is set. 

While other companies offer ventilators for the patients, it’s up to the family and the 
caretakers to set it up, explained Essenmacher. “They don’t have the personal touch that ADVENT has in making sure that patients are comfortable and safe in their home settings,” he said.

When a patient retains the services of ADVENT, a staff member meets them at the hospital and escorts them to their home. They set up all the equipment and physically hook up the patient. The staff member then thoroughly instructs the family care providers in all necessary home care procedures, assessing and evaluating the home environment for the demands of high-tech home care equipment. Additionally, ADVENT provides ongoing follow-up care after discharge to ensure compliance with each patient’s prescribed care plan, starting with a follow-up phone call that night.

The ADVENT staff member goes back to the house the next day and every day after that for a week. They will reduce the amount of visits the following week to four days per week, continuing to taper off as the patient gets more comfortable using the equipment.

ADVENT also coordinates all aspects of home inventory including stocking and recording of disposable supplies, and communicates promptly and effectively with the physician to provide updates on the patient’s status.

ADVENT is available to its patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. “Our whole approach is to educate and empower patients. They remember what they learned from the staff at ADVENT. We give them the education to do some troubleshooting on their own to eliminate the panic,” said Essenmacher.

Some of the home medical equipment available for in-home care through ADVENT includes oxygen concentrators, liquid oxygen systems, gaseous oxygen systems, oxygen conserving devices, Helios portables, nebulizers/portable, AC/DC suction machines, medical supplies, incontinence supplies, low air loss replacement mattresses, wound care supplies, negative pressure wound therapy and enteral therapy.

ADVENT’S home respiratory service includes a home ventilator program for infants, pediatrics and adults, non-invasive ventilation, overnight pulse oximetry, overnight TCO2/heart rate/pulse oximetry monitoring, cough assistant, AIR VO2 with integrated flow generator humidification system, high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO), respiratory medications, tracheostomy care, AIRVO2 humidification system with integrated flow generator, respiratory evaluations and pharmacy services.

ADVENT is a proud corporate member of the following organizations: Brain Injury Association of Michigan, Michigan Brain Injury Provider Council, Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault and the Case Management Society of America. ADVENT recently received its accreditation from The Joint Commission at its Lansing office.

The company prides itself in being the company that treats all patients like family.  Every clinician delivers high-tech care with passion, and uses a hands-on approach to fulfill their commitment of personalized patient care.

ADVENT Home Medical

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